I’m very excited to announce that from all 5 startups pitching at the London Block Show, our Give Bytes project got most attention and got most votes from the public. It was a very last minute decision for us to attend the Block Show London event. On the ticket I saw a message saying they had another free slot in their London edition of the startup competition so I thought – what the heck – let’s tell people about Give Bytes and I send my application along with our standard deck. Soon after I got a message back from Ksenia saying they really like our idea and they want us to give a 3 minutes presentation. My standard deck was way longer than that so I had to quickly adapt and restructure the Give Bytes story to squeeze it in 180 seconds! That’s not easy but I made it and sent the amended deck over.

We arrived around 6.15pm, gone through registration and shortly after took our sits by the stage where the interview done by Mike Butcher from TechCrunch was about to start. Mike interviewed two amazing women who are working with Blockchain-based projects – Giselle Frederick from Zingr and Nancy Fechnay from Flight VC. It was good to listen to the like-minded people debate and envisage the future of technology that brought us together. The interview was followed by a presentation done by Marco Robinson – very energetic Blockchain philanthropist and entrepreneur who built several multi-million dollar companies. It was great to listen to his story and how he’s been helping displaced and homeless people get of the streets. After Marco the stage was taken by Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna from PwC.

He gave an awesome lecture on how technology goes through its lifecycle and how it will be adapted in the future. He also called Bitcoin (BTC) the Kardashian of Kardashians – famous for being famous and said it’s more than likely that Bitcoin will not remain the dominant cryptocurrency forever. I really enjoyed seeing the big brains of top consulting company envisages the role of Blockchain in our future.

Before the startup pitching competition there was another talk by Rex Li, who’s the director of the EOE project, explaining investing on blockchain, how important it is to know your customer and what to do with low efficiency and high time costs.

The time came for the 5 startups to pitch to the crowd. Give Bytes was the last to pitch so I took it as a good sign. Unfortunately Marcin our CTO could not make it and at the event I was accompanied by my friends Farrah & Yonglin who provided me moral support I very much needed. As it was my first time speaking publicly about Give Bytes (facebook lives don’t count) I got a bit nervous – especially that the other 4 startups seemed to be well established and technically more complex – there were both ICOs as exchanges. When it was my turn to present and I saw the first slide – I realized the organizer put the long deck instead of the short 3 minutes one. There was no way I could skip through the deck and only talk about one third what was in this presentation so I decided to embrace it and tell the Give Bytes story without any visual aid. And I’m relieved to say – it worked!

The crowd voted for each startup and we got most votes!


So it’s been decided – in May we’ll be presenting Give Bytes next month in Berlin. This time with the right presentation.